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Joy Served Daily


Field Positions

In each market we call home, we serve up our great tasting food with the warm and friendly service we have come to be known for.

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Support Positions

Join the team that supports our restaurants as we grow Jollibee in North America. Our headquarters is located in West Covina, CA.

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Restaurant Positions

Store Crew

Our Store Crew Members work in assigned stations either preparing food in the kitchen and/or serving customers at the front counter through the ordering process. Store Crew Members support the restaurant
operations through various job duties such as cooking food, preparing other menu items and ingredients, operating a cash register, running the drive-thru, cleaning the restaurant, and completing other assigned tasks while providing excellent customer service.

Store Crew Openings

Restaurant Supervisor

Our Restaurant Supervisors are responsible for the effective shift management implementation to support the achievement of store business goals.

Supervisor Openings

Restaurant Manager

Our Restaurant Managers assist our Restaurant General Managers with the day-to-day operations focusing on store Food-Service-Cleanliness (FSC) implementation, Cost Management and Training implementation.

Manager Openings

Restaurant General Manager

Our Restaurant General Managers are responsible for overseeing overall operations of the restaurant, and the development and achievement of the restaurant’s business goals. They are instrumental in the strategic execution of Key Result Areas (Food-Service-Cleanliness Standards, Sales and Profit achievement, training, development, engagement and motivation of the restaurant team and adherence to Jollibee’s operating systems and standards), continuously promote an environment of learning and growth and ensure a JOLLY experience for our customers and team members.

General Manager Openings
Employee Spotlight

Meet Ma'am Marissa

Ma’am Marissa’s professional journey with Jollibee began over 5 years ago as a Store Crew team member. Through her embodiment of Jollibee’s Core Values, and enthusiasm and dedication towards ongoing professional development and achievement, she swiftly grew into Restaurant Supervisor and Restaurant Manager roles. She is a Jollibee customer experience champion and enjoys supporting the expansion of the company in new store openings throughout the East Coast and Canada.

Q&A with Ma'am Melissa

What do you enjoy the most about your role with the company?

As a Restaurant Manager, I enjoy being a part of creating the Jollibee experience for customers. Jollibee has created a unique and fun environment that our customers will travel hundreds of miles to experience. When you see customers who are genuinely excited to be in Jollibee and see their smiling faces, you are reminded that all the hard work pays off. Seeing thrilled customers brings me joy and pushes me to work harder so that all customers can have a positive experience in our restaurants.

What do you appreciate the most about our company culture?

What I appreciate the most about the company culture is that the company is very energetic and fast-paced. Jollibee has been very proactive in reaching its vision to be one of the top 5 restaurant chains in the world. By focusing on this vision, the job is always fast-paced and never boring. I appreciate that this fast-paced environment allows me to challenge myself and attain professional growth and development faster than in other companies. The company is also open to accepting new ideas and innovations from all employees, which has made me feel that this work environment is unique and fulfilling.

Which of our Core Values resonate with you the most, and way?

The Core Value that resonates with me the most is Integrity. I appreciate that the company puts a strong emphasis on living by honesty and doing what is always right. It challenges the employees of the company to improve themselves daily and it provides customers with the satisfaction that Jollibee is a trustworthy and honest company. Working for a company that prioritizes integrity allows me to be confident and proud of who I work for.

How have your professional development and career aspirations been supported?

Jollibee has been my first and only occupation and I could not imagine doing anything else for my career. Through every promotion, from Store Crew, to Supervisor, to now Restaurant Manager, I have felt nothing but support from my General Managers, District Managers and the company. They have supported me and closely guided me through every step. I have always felt prepared for the next position, as the company does very well with providing all of the training materials needed to perform the job correctly. Whenever I have shown an interest in applying for the next promotion, each manager has always been supportive and worked with me to help me prepare for, and achieve my goals. The opportunity to grow excites me to work harder and give my best at my job every day.

Who inspires you within the company?

My biggest inspiration and role model is District Manager, Ma’am Merle. She has been my mentor and has supported me for many years through each of my promotions. M’ Merle is extremely kind, energetic, nurturing, and cares deeply for her employees. She wholeheartedly embodies the core values and works very hard to achieve the company’s mission and vision. She is my inspiration to keep moving up within the company and to hopefully one day become a District Manager.

Employee Spotlight

Meet Sir Andy

Sir Andy began his dynamic career with Jollibee three years ago as a Restaurant General Manager and swiftly homed in his skills in multi-unit management into a District Manager role. He is passionate about developing his team both professionally and personally to achieve their career aspirations, driving excellent performance, and supporting Jollibee’s mission to serve great tasting food, bringing the joy of eating to everyone.

Q&A with Sir Andy

What do you enjoy the most about your role within the company?

As a Restaurant General Manager, I enjoyed it most when I see customers experience the Joy of Eating at my restaurant. I also enjoy working with my incredible Jollibee team, helping them grow professionally and also in their personal lives.

What do you appreciate the most about our company culture?

From day one, Jollibee had shown and demonstrated its culture of inclusion and traditional values. These values have helped me drive for better performance every year and also helped me grow to be a better person.

Which of our Core Values resonate with you the most, and why?

Integrity, because I believe it's the most important basic value. I try to live up to it everyday of my life and challenge everyone around me to also do the same.

How have your professional development and career aspirations been supported?

The Jollibee Group North America Leadership Team has been very supportive with my aspirations. Sir Robert, Director of Operations, has been most influential in my personal development, providing coaching and exposure for my career aspirations. While I was the Restaurant General Manager at Jollibee Chula Vista, I was also appointed Officer in Charge for Jollibee Mira Mesa, providing me great learning experience and exposure leading to my current role as a District Manager.

Who inspiries you within the company?

Ma’am Cristina and Ma’am Mackey; their leadership have been most inspirational. I was inspired by their energy, dedication and commitment to the Company. They push me to hard work to achieve the Company’s Mission and Vision.

Career FAQ

What are the career advancement opportunities in store operations?

Guided by our Core Values, Jollibee fosters a culture of continuous learning, purposeful work, and making meaningful connections. We provide our team opportunities to be engaged in their development towards a fulfilling career in store operations and restaurant management, homing in their skills as dynamic Store Crew, Restaurant Supervisors, Restaurant Managers, Restaurant General Managers, District Managers and Area Managers who carry on our mission of serving great tasting food, bringing the joy of eating to everyone.

What are the benefits and perks of joining our team?

- Great work culture, a compelling mission, vision, and a work environment of family spritia & fun

- Excellent training and career advancement opportunities

- Continuous learning and development

- Strong family values and culture

- Job growth opportunities

- Employee discounts

- Meal privileges

May be entitled to the following:

- 401 (K) Match

- Health Benefits

- Paid Leave

- Paid Life Insurance

- Other employee perks

How do I apply for employment at your company?

We are always on the lookout for dynamic individuals to join our team. You can find all available details regarding our job openings on our Carrers page!

How do I know if your location is hiring?

The best way is to check out our field positions and filter your search by location.

What is the status of my job application?

Please allow us several days to process your application. If you do not hear from us, please reach out to the location where your application was submitted.

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